Spencer Boys

My and my 2 boys, Dylan (L) and Ryan (R)

I will try and make this short and sweet.  My name is Ron.  I was born and raised in Southern California, married to my best friend who is an amazing women, mother, photographer (www.beckyspencer.com) new blogger and health coach at (A Girlfriends Guide to the Universe) and wife for 20 years!.  We have 2 very smart..and loving boys, Dylan (16) and Ryan (13).

I am just an ordinary guy attempting to [b]log, give back and spread social good to others locally and globally.  You are going to find grammar and spelling mistakes. My posts will be all over the place.  That is just me, get used to it.  I am an American, married to a Bermudian. I Love to capitalize random words…and place multiple periods..in the middle of a sentence….  You’ll see..I am not perfekt.

From my Facebook page, or Instagram uploads, it may look like we have the most amazing life..and I guess technically we do.  It is only because we live every day like it is our last.  We live our life like we are on vacation!  We truly try to make the most out of every day and every opportunity.  My kids may not like it as I pull them from the computer, iPad or video games…but when we get out….they love it!

I guess I have always lived a little bit of my life like this but back in September 2011, someone helped me understand what my

Making the most of this island!

passion was.  It was always a question that I found hard to answer.  That one day in September…after a very long open discussion (detailed life questions) and many questions answered, it was obvious…I like to help people (or…I love to help people…)  That is my passion.  Whether it is at work or my personal life…a friend or complete stranger…I really enjoy helping people.  I now really “see” people…”watch” them, “listen”.  I stop..and lend a hand when possible.  Living in Bermuda (yes, I packed up my wife and 2 boys..and moved them all to Bermuda in November 2007..) there are many tourists during the high season.  I love to talk to them.  I love to ask them if they need help.  I end up talking to them for ever.  My wife calls me the Tourist Whisperer..  That’s fine..I enjoy it.  I lend my cell phone when needed..look up local info (if I don’t know it off the top of my head…) and just point out directions for them.

Bottom line is … I love to help!  I want to share my life and experiences through my [b]log.  The Plan [b] Project is all about what my Plan [b] was going to be in life.  The great thing is that Plan [b] became my Plan [b].   Live, Give and Forgive.  Life is honestly too short to live any other way.  It is too short to live it being fake.  Be true and authentic…and good things will happen.  It is true…I am living proof!

I will post things that I read about…other blog info…or stuff from books and magazines….or things that happen in my daily life.   I am sure a lot if this will not come straight from me, but stuff that I have read..and incorporated into my life.  It is easy…there are people out there willing to share.

Enjoy and share when you can.  If I can impact at least one person’s life…it would make me very happy!