First off, I did not give myself this title.  You can give a thank you to my lovely wife, Becky…   I do not confess to being the Tourist Whisperer…or a specialist on all that is and was Bermuda.  I just enjoy helping people…and when you see tourist (which are easy to spot) scratching their heads, map in hand…one pointing East and the other pointing West, you know they need help.  But all that being said, I have no problem wearing this title.  (Bring on the tourists, or Island Guests as I like to call them.)

When you live in a tourist location, every local should be a Tourist Whisperer, or a Ambassador to that Country or City, or where ever the location is.

If I have assisted you in anyway, or you know of someone that I have helped…leave a positive note.  Soon I will have links to travel websites…where you can leave positive comments.  In the mean time, please leave a positive comment below  🙂 …

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