The Plan [b] Project was created in 2011, originally,  as a for-purpose organization to “Spread Social Good” to individuals, organizations and non profits around the globe 🌎.  We started as a grassroots group brought together to giving back to our local communities and where help was needed globally while at the same time gathering individuals from around the world to spread social good to others.

Six years later we have begun to evolve into Plan [b] 2.0!

Get ready to ‘Slow Down’ and do the right thing for you, the ones you love and complete strangers.

The Plan [b] Project was born back in 2011 as a way to spread social awareness authenticity, gratefulness and generosity.   Over the past five plus years…one thing has connected all of these things for the Plan [b] Founder and Chief Do Gooder…and that was helping others and doing the right thing.

Helping others and Spreading Social Good became Ron’s purpose.

In 2016 Plan [b] Project was re-launched and in 2017 more focus has been given to slowing down and living a more purposeful life.  If you don’t take care of yourself first, how are you to help others.  When Plan [a] is not working, it is time to for Plan [b].  Please follow us as our Vision and Mission continue to blossom.

We welcome you to the future Plan [b] Project 2.0.