Daily GratitudeAt this moment, I am in my favorite state of mind; grateful.

I have over 60 blog posts, since starting the Plan [b] Project, that are sitting as drafts. Is it that I can’t finish something I started or that I am just grateful to get my thoughts on paper (or on an un-published blog post).

It is currently 9:30 pm and I am on a bus in Bermuda heading to my new home (up de Country) as I had a work event to attend. Either by bus or by ferry…I am able to sit and think of reasons why I am grateful. My wife has me participating in an Instagram project #365grateful. We post an item daily of something we are grateful for. Today is 18 February and so far so good. Can I keep this up the entire year…technically it should be no problem as there are hundreds of thing that I am grateful for.

Because I am on a gratitude topic, I have composed the following list and offer it, in the hope that it may spark a bit of gratitude in yours as well.  100 reasons why I am grateful today!

1. The wind in the palm tree outside our new home door and the dozens of trees that surround our new home.

2. The nice baristas at Rock Island who always have a honest smile and greeting whenever I come in for my double macchiato.

3. My iPhone (which I am writing this blog post on).

4. This blog and my “Day One” journal, which allows me to articulate gratitude, my thoughts and logging events I hope I never forget (but if I do, they will be logged on one of these medias.)

5. Preparing lunch at work.

6. My cats who both wait at my bedroom door every morning. (Even though I am technically allergic to cats..go figure.)

7. Bermuda’s public transportation, (as I am able to get home tonight.)

8. Over flowing water tank.

9. The fact that my Mother made me learn the importance of cooking, ironing and sewing..all before the age of 13.

10. My wife who forces us to eat better…and the nights my kids say, “This is good!”

11. My son’s hugging me…just because I got home from work.

12. My wife and I completing each other’s chores.

13. The fact that my Dad gave me everything I ever needed to become the person I am today…and he still does not realize it!

14. Dishes and Ironing. Don’t ask…it relaxes me.

15. The thought of my Mother.

16. Memories of me stealing fruit form the farmer that used to live next to my Mom and the desserts my Mother would make with my stolen treasure!

17. My heart, which I can feel beating.

18. The 11,000+ steps my pedometer (Max) calculated I made today (since I forgot to wear it yesterday.)

19. Being a husband and father.

20. Aging gracefully (at least I am told.)

21. Music that makes me remember my childhood with my parents.

22. Movies that I can watch with my boys.

23. Conversations that make me think.

24. Sleep.

25. Calms Forte when I can’t sleep.

26. The smell of Bermuda.

27. Mother’s Taffy Cookies.

28. The fact that I can see millions of stars in Bermuda…right now.

29. My wife’s smell. Yes….I always smell her!

30. Being asked if I can be cloned!

31. Old photographs.

32. Family trees.

33. Old friends and the random FB messages we send!

34. Breakfast on Sunday (my Mother’s Pumpkin PamCakes.)

35. Olive oil.

36. Good bread.

37. Olive oil on good bread, especially in Italy…it always tastes better in Italy!

38. The fact that I can wake up without an alarm. Any time in the morning…no alarm.

39. Clean cool cotton sheets.

40. Hearing my kids playing outside, no matter how loud they are.

41. Watching our cat Hunter follow our boys like he is their dog.

42. Being able to give to the homeless guy in town (Richard) even if it is only a cup of coffee or enough money for him to get a haircut.

43. A glass of wine with my wife.

44. Being able to get to work late because I am attending my kids Honour Roll assembly, “every semester”…both boys!

45. Hurley Phantom shorts.

46. Air travel….lots of it.

47. Babysitters.

48. Sanuk sandals and flip flops.

49. Sand from around the world.

50. Mexican food. Even the cheap imitations we prepare in Bermuda.

51. Being paid to travel for work.

52. No shoes.

53. When my kids get excited because I am making something they like for dinner.

54. Watching old family videos.

55. That my wife has taken thousands of photos of my boys since the day they were born.

56. A garden (which I pray to have within the next 12 months.)

57. That my wife and I are employed (or self employed.)

58. Beer & Wine….in another country.

59. Big windows….and lots of them.

60. Old Bermuda homes.

61. Walking.

62. Punctual people.

62. Cotton clothes (khakis and t-shirts.)

63. Bonfires.

64. Dental floss.

65. The sound of the birds at our new home.

66. The fact that my back has not gone out since we lived in Bermuda.

67. The fact that I have not taken any allergy pills while living in Bermuda.

68. The clanking sound of the boats on Mangrove Bay outside our front door and windows.

69. The color of the sky when I walk to the Ferry.

70. The comments my friends make on Instagram when I post a photo of where we live.

71. Coffee….early in the morning.

72. The sounds the wood floor makes in our new home “Oxford”.

73. The jar we put all the positive things that happen to us during the year (started this tradition in 2013.)

74. Riding my new beach cruiser with my wife.

75. Talking to tourists.

76. The full moon from our new home.

77. Taking the ferry to and from work everyday!

78. People from countries other than my own (see 75 above.)

79. Saying good morning and good afternoon to everyone.

80. Relaxing…which seems very rare to me.

81. Seeing the excitement on my kids faces when Buddy the elf arrives on Thanksgiving.

82. Having renters for our two homes.

83. Old friends that I have learned from…and seeing what type of relationship is possible with our children when they grow. KFO!

84. The present (when I am in it.)

85. When friends visit us on our tiny island.

86. Cook books, SpringPad & Pinterest.

87. Our fireplace.

89. That my wife and I believe in each other.

90. Technology…to help us communicate with family and friends in the U.S.

91. Relay For Life of Bermuda…and the dozens of volunteers that are making my dream a reality.

92. Helping people.

93. Did I mention smelling my wife?

94. That I get to live with people I love.

95. That I am loved.

96. Watching my youngest sister’s little boy grow up, even if they are in Alaska and we are in Bermuda. (See…there are positive reasons to be on Facebook.)

97. Blue skies & Bermuda clouds.

98. The relationship I have with one of my Cousins. You know who you are…I didn’t want to make any other cousins jealous.

99. Spencer Island.

100. This life of mine.