Ric Elias was a father, husband, and business man in South Carolina. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico, hustled his way to the top of his class, and even graduated from Harvard Business School.

Plane Crash Hudson

Ric never had an issue with flying; he had to do it quite often with his line of work. But on January 2009, he sat in the first row of the flight 1549––the infamous Hudson River crash. Thoughts swirled through his head.

Wow… dying is not scary. It was just very sad.

While he survived this traumatic event, it was only then when his perspective on life was changed. In this beautiful five minute TED Talk, you’ll witness an authentic response to his life-changing moment.

As business owners, starters, and entrepreneurs we often lose track of what truly matters. We focus on the game and the strategy to win. We’re never present and our priorities can end up in dissaray. Let’s not rely on moments of trauma to recognize what matters. Let’s open our eyes now. Let’s be successful at home and at work. Let’s be rockstar parents and CEOs. Let’s win the real competition… To live a life of purpose.

If you were to die in one hour, what would you regret? Let me know in the comments below.

I love to share positive articles.  The above is from Dale Partridge.  The original article can be found here at The Daily Positive.