Be PresentBe present with yourself and experience your best possible life

Be present, be in the moment, and experience life for all that it is–that means the good and the bad. This doesn’t mean to ignore or forget the past; that is when valuable lessons are learned. Nor does it mean to fail on planning for the future; setting goals will keep you focused. Being present means utilizing all of your senses to fully experience each moment in time.

A good example is when I got married 15 years ago. When I saw my wife for the first time. My mind shut out everyone else on the yacht. I saw her only. I remember the smell…the weather. I heard only the music that was playing and remember how soft her hands were (and how swollen my hands were from an afternoon at Javier’s….of Mexican chips, salsa and margaritas). I was present in a way that allowed me to experience the wedding on a deeper level.

Adventurers and adrenaline junkies tend to live very present lives, when they’re surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding, or doing other extreme activities. They are extremely aware of themselves and the conditions that surround them.

Children are present-minded as well. They can’t fathom the future, and they tend to forget the past. What is important to them is right now, this instant, as they experience things for the very first time. Naturally, they experience everything with as many senses as possible–which is one reason they put everything in their mouths!

The best lived life is the one fully experienced by as many of your senses as possible at the same time. Take a moment to be present with yourself, and taste, touch, smell, see and hear your best life!