ForgaveEarlier I had posted a blog post from Danielle LaPorte, “What it means to forgive”.  Forgiveness is something that I go back and forth with.  Do I forgive someone?  Is me forgiving them, letting them know that what they did was okay?  Or just letting them know that I have moved on…is that enough?
Recently I read a Question and Response to and from Deepak Chopra.
Dear Deepak, A lot of spiritual advisors talk of the need for forgiveness. I don’t understand the concept nor its benefits towards my spiritual well-being. Can you help me understand what forgiveness really is and why I need to forgive others? I never forget and I don’t think I can fully forgive.

Forgiveness is recognition that actions that are perceived as hurtful or wrong are the perspective of the small ego mind, not the higher self. The ego self feels the need to seek justice or revenge to right the perceived wrong. The higher self knows that the universe will rebalance all actions at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way in accord with the whole cosmos, not just the view of one person’s hurt feelings. When you forgive, you are allowing that process to unfold, instead of holding on to your ego’s point of view. You are admitting that your limited mind doesn’t know everything there is to know about what is right and wrong and you are recognizing that people’s actions do not indicate what their true essence, conscious beings on the path to full awakening. In that sense they are just like you. Understanding that connection gives you compassion for them. From there it is a short step to forgive them and that reconnects you to your own spiritual truth.

– Deepak