It is amazing to me (well not really…but I’ll say it anyway) that when you give…you will receive.  Last week, I had purchased a few cups of coffee to some random students at my local coffee shop.  They had just arrived to Bermuda the night before on a sail boat and started their morning at Rock Island (my local coffee shop) to check email, Skype with family and friends, etc.  Every once in a while I use my change to purchase a few cups of coffee to random individuals that come in for a cup.  That day, it happened to be these 3 student sailors.

Fast forward one week: Today as I popped in for my daily cup of coffee, the individual in front of me was leaving island (that morning) and was in for what I assume was his last cup of Rock Island coffee.  He handed me his unused punch card!  I know it is small….but it does show that if you give….it comes back!  Give…give…give.  Don’t expect anything in return.  (I took the cup of coffee, even though I now wish that I would have given it to the next person…that walked in…)  Maybe next time!