Honk, Honk…Thank you!

In most parts of the world like say New York City or Los Angeles…you name it, if someone is honking at you…it is typically because they are pissed, giving you the finger…or using some other form of profanity.  Bottom line…the HONK is typically not a positive thing.

But, in this little country I live in, the Bermudians use the horn for other reasons.  A short HONK, HONK…to say HELLO…  A quick HONK, to say Thank You for allowing to merge into your lane.

Being courteous to other drivers is slowly disappearing.  It is very sad.  But…I will not let this happen.  There will be some days where I will say, “Today…I will stop and let EVERYONE in..”  Which technically means that if someone is trying to make a right turn onto the road that I am driving..I’ll stop, flash my high beams..and give a friendly honk.  For the courteous driver, I’ll get a honk, honk back..  Or they are trying to pull out of the Market and traffic will not give way…I’ll stop…let them in.

When you take your TCD driving test (the written section) in Bermuda, it does not say anywhere that the horn can be used for communication or conversation.  But…it is!  No stopping the Bermudians and Residents of Bermuda.

My wife (Becky) just laughs at me.  On the weekends, I Honk at random people and/or tourist on the streets.  My way of saying, Good Morning…and Hello.  A lot of times you get a quick yell back, “Good Morning”…

When you think of it, it is really a very small act of kindness, but hard to believe that more people don’t do it.  Honk, Honk…wave your hand to let the driver know…go ahead and make the turn….  Or…a little Honk, Honk…for a Thank You!

The next time you are in Bermuda, I’ll make sure to give you a little Honk to say Hello!