GoalsThe problem with personal goals is that we sometimes try to force ourselves to do things we don’t enjoy. Rather, we should focus on improving or learning more about the things we already like!

Drink less? Screw that. You like drinking. Drinking is fantastic (in moderation, of course). Resolve to drink better wine with friends. Or go to a wine tasting course. Or learn how to pair beer with different foods.

Go to the gym? You’ll never go to the gym. The gym sucks unless you’re one of those people who likes the gym. Find something active that you’ll look forward to – whether it’s dancing lessons, yoga, a long walk with a friend (or spouse), bike ride or playing Wii.

Watch less TV? Not if you watch the Amazing Race (which premiers Sunday, 30 Sept…had to throw one plug in there.) Try signing up for a subscription of plays at a local theater, so you can enjoy a little art and culture. And be sure to include your significant other. Choose programs and movies you both enjoy watching, so you can spend a little quality time together.