TrashLast year I began to run my life in a positive fashion. Everything I do is centered around being positive and building from that point.

Before this date, I would walk across a room, down the street or elsewhere, I would side step debris laying there (gum wrappers, toys, etc). I thought to myself one day that wouldn’t it be great if people would take three seconds to stop, bend over and pick up whatever it was, and deposit the item in the trash or toy box. This week, something was brought to my attention…to make me really think about this.  Beginning today, will do my best…to began that exercise myself and continue on a daily basis.

I have hope that carrying out actions such as that will allow me to think in broader terms about responsibilities, the positive effects of that and where we can go as an individual and a society. I am by nature a thinker and planner, and by enabling the positive side of things, I have been blessed with moving my life forward and making it richer and more fulfilling than perhaps it could have been. I am a firm believer that positive breeds positive. That has allowed me to see small changes in my kids and others around me.  My youngest is not there yet…but I won’t give up…ever!!