How Social Media Influencers (including Actors & Athletes) are Giving Back!

As a parent, I sometimes go crazy when every conversation with my boys starts with, “Hey Dad (or Mom), I saw this YouTube video…etc., etc.”)  YouTube, YouTube.  Or, “Oh…I just saw this Snapchat…”  They love to follow a handful of Social Medica Vloggers and Influencers.  But…just to be clear, not all YouTube (or Social Media) Influencers are bad.  Some use their popularity to do good.  To be honest, I have been a huge fan of Casey Neistats since before YouTube was even taken over my today’s popular Vloggers, or before anyone ever heard of Snapchat.

Sooooo….  My Son had recently asked me if I had seen what Casey, Ben Stiller, Jérôme Jarre, Juanpa Zurita…and a small hand full of others, were doing to help the people of Somalia.  I had seen  something, but never knew the actual story.  I knew they were trying to have Turkish Airways deliver food, water and supplies to the people of Somalia….but needed Turkish Airways to help (like lend a plane since they were the only airline that flew into Somalia) and they needed to raise $2,000,000.

Well, as of the date of this post (24 March 2017)…they have raised over $2.3 Million…and as you will see from the below video, Turkish Airways…is helping.

I wanted to share this story as these are the type of stories that remind me, that everyone has the power to help and that Social Media can be used to #SpreadSocialGood around the world!

As always, if you can help…please do!

Also, Casey Neistat is also a “Think Outside the Box Giver”.  Back in 2013, Casey came up with a brilliant idea to give back to the Typhoon victims on the Philippines.  Watch the below!  Oh, and by the way, do you see a connection with Ben Stiller (“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”)?