I will most likely get killed for posting this, but I found an essay on our iMac that my 13 year old son Dylan wrote.  I was happy, surprised and touched….so I had to put it somewhere (like this blog post) so he does not delete it….forever!

By: Dylan Spencer, 13 Years Old, Sandys Middle School, Bermuda

Rotary Essay

Most of the time in the month of December I think of receiving instead of giving. If I don’t consider this, my Christmas can become just about me. I can give instead of receiving: however, it will take some optimism and determination. Therefore, I think that service over self can enhance Christmas by spreading Christmas spirit, making one less self-centered and by making people more joyful.

       There are many people in the world who are depressed and miserable during Christmas time: the elderly, the homeless, the needy and sometimes even some people in your household. We can help these people by spreading the Christmas spirit because it makes people feel more contented and loved. There are many ways we can spread the Christmas spirit to make people happier; some ways we can do this are by giving presents to those who need, singing carols to those who need to be cheered up, and telling Christmas stories. Many people will really enjoy these, and maybe even pass them on to others who are miserable. If you could do this act of kindness, it would make these people so happy because some people that are feeling miserable have never felt happy before and haven’t had anyone come to them and give them presents and make them feel loved. As a person who has told Christmas stories and sang carols to people on Christmas to make them feel more loved, I have learned that what ever you do to make people happy comes back at you in the future.

As there are many people who are not self-centered, there are still many people who are. We can help these people become less self-centered by telling them about the true meaning of Christmas which is to love one and another. We have to teach these people that they need to share love by giving instead of waiting for their own presents all year. Explaining to them about all of the less fortunate will maybe make them change their minds about Christmas. A good way to encourage all of the self-centered people would be to show them how people in Haiti and Africa spend their Christmas, and compare it to how we spend our Christmas, and maybe something would click in their head and tell them how they can change their actions.

Lastly, the number one important thing that makes service enhance Christmas is that we just need to make people more joyful. Some people need some love and presents because they are feeling alone during Christmas. Those who are lonely need to be with someone who is not self-centered, Even if you are struggling in life, you can still donate to the needy or poor, and trust me it will come back to you in the future. It is not going to hurt you if you walk around at Christmas and looking for the homeless and handing them money or presents. Lets say that one Christmas you are the one feeling alone and need some love, and you gave and loved some in the past, don’t worry because it is definitely going to come back at you.

As a result of us making a person less self-centered, joyful and spreading the Christmas spirit I think that we can make Christmas a better experience for all. It might be a struggle, and might not be exactly what you were planning for next years Christmas, but if you ever thought about never having a good Christmas ever again them take a look at the homeless and needy because they probably never had a proper Christmas before, and it can all change because of you.